What Kind of Appetizer Goes With Seafood?

Seafood is a popular choice for appetizers. The most popular seafood appetizer is the shrimp cocktail. The shrimp cocktail is made with shrimp, tomato sauce, and horseradish. Other seafood appetizers include crab cakes, oysters on the half shell, and lobster bisque soup.

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What should I bring to a seafood party?


A seafood party consists of different types of seafood, such as lobster cakes, crab cakes, shrimp cocktails, and more. Some thought for other accompaniments to add include eggrolls and caviar-stuffed potatoes. Other popular dishes are smoked salmon sushi or Ahi poke.

What sides to serve with a seafood platter?

Grilled or steamed vegetables work as sides with seafood. Potatoes dish is the best option. Roasted, fried mashed potatoes will reliably make a good side for anything from flakier fish to spicy shrimp dishes. A tossed salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice is a lightweight dinner accompaniment to something heavier like garlic scampi.

What is a good appetizer for a fish fry?

Start your feast with some sparkling cherry limeade. Take a break in the middle of your meal for some inventive dipping sauces made out of aged cheddar and beer, fried fish, succotash salad, dilled cabbage-and-cucumbers slaw, or potato and pickled beets. You’ll finish off with something sweet like a blondie ice cream cake.

What is a good appetizer for a fish fry?

A good appetizer for a fish fry may be sparkling cherry limeade, aged cheddar and beer dip, fried fish, succotash salad (which includes lima beans), dilled cabbage-and-cucumber slaw (with red leaf curly lettuce), potato and pickled beet salad.

What do you serve with a fish fry?

I recommend hush puppies, French fries, macaroni and cheese, pineapple coleslaw as sides to a fish fry. Recommendations for foods to serve alongside a meal consisting of fish are french fries, macaroni and cheese ham balls, or fried pickles could be other options. I do not know what those sides would go with the fish.