Summer Camp Snack Ideas: Easy and Delicious Options for Kids

Explore a variety of nourishing and delicious snack ideas that are perfect for keeping energy levels high during summer camp.

Summer camps are synonymous with fun, adventure, and of course, hunger! With children busily engaged in various activities, it’s essential to fuel them with nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-carry snacks. This article is a treasure trove of summer camp snack ideas, ranging from fresh fruits and crunchy granola bars to savory trail mix and homemade cookies. Each snack idea is not only kid-approved but also packed with essential nutrients to keep the energy levels high.

Dive in to discover a variety of snacks that are perfect for summer camp, complete with preparation details and nutritional benefits.

Trail Mix

trail mix

Offering a delightful blend of flavors, textures, and vital nutrients, trail mix is a superior snack choice for summer camp. Its inherent portability adds to its appeal, with no refrigeration required – an attribute both convenient and essential in a camp setting.

Typically consisting of nuts, dried fruits, and sometimes chocolate, it boasts a well-rounded nutrient profile. Nuts offer healthy fats and proteins – vital for energy replenishment and muscle recovery during physically taxing camp activities. Dried fruit, on the other hand, provides a concentrated source of simple sugars for immediate energy boosting, essential dietary fibers for digestive health, and various vitamins for optimal body functions.

Yet, the beauty of trail mix lies in its versatility. It allows for limitless customization exact to individual preferences and dietary needs. For instance, adding seeds like pumpkin or sunflower imparts a crunch while escalating the nutrient quotient. Those managing dietary restrictions or allergies can opt for nut-free versions, substituting with soy nuts or roasted chickpeas. Similarly, sweetness can be moderated by choosing unsweetened dried fruits or substituting chocolate with cacao nibs for a healthier alternative.

Remember, while trail mix is nutritious, it’s also dense in calories. Consuming in moderation is key to enjoying its benefits without exceeding daily caloric requirements. A small handful typically suffices for a snack.

Fresh Fruit

fresh fruit

Brimming with essential nutrients, hydration, and refreshing taste, it is no surprise why fruits claim a top spot in summer camp snack ideas. Here, let’s dive into some tempting options and their unique perks:

1. Berries: Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries – these pack a powerful punch of antioxidants and are a delight to the taste-buds. Easy to eat, they can be popped in one’s mouth one by one, making them a mess-free snack.

2. Bananas: Nature’s energy bar, ripe bananas provide instant energy. Wrapped in their own natural packaging, bananas are portable and fuss-free.

3. Grapes: Both red and green grapes can be frozen for a cooling effect perfect for a hot summer day.

4. Apples: Crisp, juicy, and available in numerous varieties, apples are high in fiber and very satiating. Consider tossing sliced apples with a bit of lemon juice to prevent browning.

5. Oranges/Clementines: Citrus fruits with their incredible balance of sweet and tang fit perfectly into the summer snack scheme. Additionally, they are immensely hydrating and loaded with vitamin C.

Remember, if opting to slice fruits for easy eating, store them in airtight containers or reusable silicone bags to maintain freshness and prevent discoloration.

Veggie Sticks

veggie sticks

A quintessential healthy nibble, they’re not only crunchy and fun to eat, but also packed with essential nutrients.

Campers enjoy them raw to maintain their crispness, color, and most importantly, nutritional value.

Mix it up with carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes, which are all summer-seasonal vegetables that stay fresh in warm weather.

For an extra kick, consider teaming them with a tasty, protein-filled dip like hummus or guacamole, conveniently available in single serve packets.

Remember, nothing beats the heat like a snack that’s fresh, light, and rejuvenating.

Besides, preparing them is a breeze and their travel-friendly nature makes them a go-to choice for outdoor activities.

Hummus Cups

hummus cups

Loaded with protein and good-for-you fats, hummus cups are an ideal pick for a summer camp snack. They are not only delicious but notably nutritious. This Middle Eastern spread, made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and spices, can help keep energy levels stable and curb hunger pangs.

The pre-packaged individual servings make it incredibly easy to pack, eliminating any worries about storage or spills. Combined with some whole grain crackers or raw vegetables like cucumber slices and bell pepper sticks, they transform into a satisfying treat and make camp snacking a breeze. Not to mention, they are equally loved by kids and adults, making them a crowd favorite.

For a fun twist, try flavored versions like red pepper or garlic hummus. But do remember to check for any camper’s allergies before packing this protein-packed spread.

Remember, nutrition is the cornerstone of any enjoyable summer camp experience. So, a balance between taste, nutrition, and convenience becomes key. And here, hummus cups offer all three, solidifying their place as a must-have in the summer camp snack arsenal.

Cheese Cubes

cheese cubes

Best known for their rich protein content, cheese cubes serve as an easy-to-pack, non-messy snack option. They come in various types including cheddar, gouda, or mozzarella, giving campers an array of tastes to explore.

Providing both protein and calcium, they offer nutritional value as well as a delicious bite. Additionally, they can be combined with other snacks, such as fruit or crackers, to switch up flavors and textures throughout the day.

Storing them in a cooler compartment of your backpack maintains their freshness, making cheese cubes a versatile, practical, and nutritious choice for a summer camp snack.

Rice Cakes

rice cakes

One cannot underestimate the versatility of rice cakes. Light and crispy, they provide the perfect base for a multitude of toppings.

They are available in various flavours from plain to caramel, and their low-fat content appeals to calorie counters.

Try them with almond butter, banana slices, and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a sweet treat.

Or, for a savoury option, top with avocado and a dash of sea salt.

Moreover, for those with allergies, they are often gluten-free and dairy-free, making them a suitable choice for a broad range of dietary needs.

With their long shelf-life, rice cakes will remain fresh throughout camping sessions.

They’re delightfully crunchy, portable, and a low-mess snack which is always a bonus in outdoor settings.

Recommended portion size is typically one to two cakes, keeping snacking sensible yet satisfying.

Yogurt Tubes

yogurt tubes

Yogurt tubes offer an excellent balance of essential nutrients, protein, and carbohydrates, ideal for maintaining energy levels during physical activities at camp.

The tubes are portable, easy to open, and eliminate the need for spoons – a practical solution for a camp snack.

When frozen, they double up as a perfect hot weather treat, thawing to a pleasingly cool temperature by snack time.

Choose a variety of flavors to keep things exciting, and opt for versions with lower sugar levels to promote healthier eating habits.

Additionally, the tubes’ size fits easily into any lunchbox or backpack pocket, making them a favored choice among kids and camp supervisors alike.

Granola Bars

granola bars

Packed with oats, nuts, and dried fruits, these bite-sized snacks are usually sweetened with honey or syrup. Easy to slip into a pocket or backpack, they provide a healthy dose of fiber and protein- essential for energy during those camp activities.

Most come with a convenient wrapper for less mess. Making them at home allows the option to customize ingredients based on personal preference or dietary needs. They can be made nut-free for those with allergies or laden with chocolate bits for a sweet tooth.

Choices abound from low sugar options to gluten-free bars, ensuring a suitable flavor for everyone. Remember to check labels for hidden sugars and additives if opting for store-bought bars.

Mini Sandwiches

mini sandwiches

Creating variety, Mini Sandwiches are easy to customize to suit tastes and dietary needs. From peanut butter and jelly to turkey and cheese, the possibilities are endless.

They’re also simple to make in batches and they store well, making them perfect for outdoor activities. Wholegrain bread provides fiber while the filling offers essential nutrients.

For a creative twist, think beyond traditional fillings. How about hummus and cucumber or cream cheese and strawberries? Or pack a separate container of ingredients and let campers build their own.

A bonus tip for keeping them fresh: Store assembled sandwiches towards the bottom of the cooler, ensuring they’re not squished and they remain chilled.



Renowned for their versatility, crackers can easily be paired with a variety of toppings to enhance their taste and nutritional value. Cheese, spreads, or even fresh fruits like grapes or slices of apple can be added to make them more appealing to children.

Opt for whole grain crackers, as they offer a satisfying crunch and can provide essential fiber and other nutrients children need for their active and energetic days at camp. As they are lightweight and non-perishable, it is stress free to pack a good amount them in a snack bag.

Also, for those watching their sugar intake, crackers make an excellent choice as they usually contain no or little sugar. So, next time when packing a camp lunch, don’t forget to include a handful of these delightful, crunchy gems. Crackers can certainly bring a delightful crunch to any camping trip, while also being a nutrient rich snack for an energy boost.



Offering an ideal blend of whole grains and fiber, popcorn is as nutritious as it is delicious. It’s lightweight and travels well, perfect for outdoor summer adventures.

Popping it at campfire is a timeless classic; however, bringing along pre-popped bags is a convenient alternative. Choose the low-sodium and low-sugar varieties to ensure a healthier snack.

For added flavor, consider dusting the popcorn with homemade spice mixes—maybe smoked paprika for barbecue-lovers, or cinnamon and nutmeg for those with a knack for sweet treats.

Remember, the goal is to keep it light, flavorful, and fun!

String Cheese

string cheese

With a rich source of calcium and protein, this snack option is a popular favorite. It’s portable, easy-to-handle nature makes it suitable for active kids on-the-go at summer camp.

Moreover, it’s fun to eat – one can tug at the cheese and enjoy it bit by bit, adding an element of playfulness to snacktime. Opt for low-sodium versions to maintain a healthy balance.

Remember to store it in a cool place to keep the cheese fresh throughout the day.



Light, crunchy, and easy to pack, pretzels make for the ideal summer camp snack. They are not only delicious but also fit conveniently in any bag or pocket. Also, they provide much-needed carbohydrates for energy, keeping campers active all day.

Pretzels come in various shapes and sizes – twists, sticks, rings, and more providing a fun variety. The bite-sized options are particularly handy for snack-time.

Apart from their ease and portability, pretzels also have a long shelf life, preventing spoilage during those multi-day camping excursions. Available widely, they also fulfil dietary restrictions – those with gluten intolerance can find gluten-free versions.

Lastly, the added benefit of pairing. Pretzels go together with a plethora of dips, such as hummus, cheese, or even chocolate, making them versatile for fussy eaters. Providing both an energy boost and a satisfying crunch, pretzels undoubtedly remain a top-choice camp snack.

Fruit Leather

fruit leather

With its vibrant flavors and compact form, this on-the-go snack is perfect for busy camp days. Fruit leather is a type of dehydrated fruit product that’s chewy, sweet and an excellent source of vitamins. It’s lightweight and won’t be squished in a backpack during energetic activities. Even better, it does not require refrigeration which makes it an ideal snack to pack.

Despite the sweet taste, most fruit leathers are low in calories and contain no added sugar. Therefore, they are not only a delicious treat but also a healthy one, equipping children with the energy they need to keep going.

Look for fruit leathers made with 100% fruit to ensure that you’re giving your kids the best-quality option. Homemade fruit leathers are also a fantastic idea if you want to get creative, plus you’ll have control over what goes into them. You can create a mix of flavors from a variety of fruits, such as apples, strawberries or peaches. Remember, the best result comes from ripe or slightly overripe fruit.

Nut Butter Packs

nut butter packs

Nut Butter Packs offer a protein-packed, easy-to-carry solution for summer camp snacking. Available in various options like almond, peanut, or cashew butter, these packs can satisfy the taste buds of every camper.

Convenient and non-perishable, they fit perfectly into any backpack and provide the needed boost for energy-consuming outdoor activities. An added bonus is their compatibility with various other snacks; they can be paired with apple slices, crackers, or even eaten right from the pack for an on-the-go treat.

Nutritionally beneficial due to the high protein and healthy fats, they aid in maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Remember to check with camp policies on nut products, to ensure they are allowed and don’t pose an allergy risk for any campers.

Dried Fruit

dried fruit

Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, dried fruit provides a simple yet nutritious snack option for campers. With a wide variety of options, there’s something for every taste bud – from tangy dried cranberries to sweet banana chips.

Firstly, it’s lightweight and non-perishable, making it an excellent choice for those long hikes or excursions. Dried fruit is easy to pack in small containers or resealable bags, saving on valuable storage space in your backpack.

Secondly, your snack can easily be customized. Combine nuts, seeds, and different types of dried fruit to keep things interesting. A few favorites for custom mixes include mango, apricots, and even strawberries.

Lastly, this snack offers a natural sugar boost, perfect for that mid-afternoon slump in energy. Keep in mind, the drying process does concentrate the sugar, so remember to enjoy in moderation.

Enjoy threading dried fruit into your summer camp snack regime. It’s an option that combines convenience, variety, and nutritional benefits all in one tasty package.

Cereal Bars

cereal bars

With their convenient packaging and abundant variety, cereal bars have won the hearts of many camp-goers. They’re perfect for on-the-go snacking or a quick breakfast substitute due to their high fibre content. Some brands offer bars with less sugar, appealing to health-conscious individuals.

There is also an array of flavours to choose from, such as apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, or even a simple honey almond. You can also find options with added nutrients like protein or vitamins. Remember though, while they’re a quick and easy snack option, moderation is key, as some bars can be higher in calories and sugar. However, with careful selection, they can be a wonderfully convenient, nutritious snack to toss into your summer camp bag.

For those with dietary restrictions, many companies offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options, ensuring that every camper can enjoy this tasty, handy treat. They can be stored easily and require no refrigeration, making them an ultimate choice for outdoor adventures.

Fruit Cups

fruit cups

Offering both convenience and nutritional value, these portable snacks are a great option for camp. They are available in cans or plastic cups, with peel-off lids that make them easy to pack in a backpack or lunch box.

Coming in a variety of fruit mixes, such as peaches, pears, and oranges, children can select their favorites. Be sure to choose options packed in water or their own juice to avoid excess sugars.

Keep in mind these snacks require appropriate waste disposal or recycling. Always consider the camp’s pack-in, pack-out rule when choosing snacks.

An added bonus, you can chill fruit cups ahead of time for an added cooling effect during hot summer days. Despite their simple nature, fruit cups distinctly offer a juicy burst of hydration and a sweet tooth satisfaction.

Apple Slices With Peanut Butter

apple slices with peanut butter

Packing this duo for snack time delivers a delightful crunch and a punch of protein. Fresh apples retain the much-needed fiber and give campers an energy boost without spiking blood sugar levels. Their hydration properties are an added benefit in summer’s heat. Choosing peanut butter as the accompaniment provides a source of healthy fats and protein, important for replenishing energy during strenuous activities.

Preparation is quick; a fresh apple slice with a spread of peanut butter takes less than a minute. To maintain freshness and prevent browning, sprinkle apple slices with lemon juice. Pack peanut butter in a small, separate container for a mess-free, travel-friendly snack. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy.

For nut allergies, consider alternatives like sunflower seed butter or soy nut butter that deliver similar benefits to peanut butter.

Beef Jerky

beef jerky

Packed with protein, this snack keeps kids full and energized for their camp activities. Not to mention, it is a non-perishable item, making it a perfect snack for summer camp.

Just make sure it’s low in sodium and free of added sugars to ensure it’s the best choice for your child.

Besides the classic beef variety, it also comes in chicken, turkey, and salmon.

The assortment of flavors—peppered, teriyaki, or sweet and spicy—offers an element of surprise, keeping snack time interesting for even the pickiest camp goer.

Conveniently, the smaller-sized packs are fit for pockets, making it a grab-and-go snack.