15 Noah’s Ark Snack Ideas for Fun Themed Parties

Discover playful and creative Noah’s Ark-themed snack ideas perfect for any themed party or event.

Animal Crackers Boat: Serve Animal Crackers in a Small Paper Boat

animal crackers boat serve animal crackers in a small paper boat

Serve animal crackers in a small paper boat to add a playful touch to your Noah’s Ark snack spread. This whimsical presentation will delight both kids and adults alike at your party or gathering.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Colorful Fruit Arranged in a Rainbow Pattern

rainbow fruit skewers colorful fruit arranged in a rainbow pattern

Create a visually appealing snack by arranging a variety of colorful fruits in a rainbow pattern on skewers. These fruit skewers not only look attractive but also offer a healthy and enjoyable snack option for all ages.

Ark Sandwiches: Cut Sandwiches Into Ark Shapes Using Cookie Cutters

ark sandwiches cut sandwiches into ark shapes using cookie cutters

Prepare ark-shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters for a creative Noah’s Ark snack presentation, adding a fun touch to the food spread effortlessly. Offer a whimsical twist to regular sandwiches by transforming them into delightful ark-themed treats that will charm both kids and adults.

Olive & Cheese Animals: Create Animal Shapes Using Olives and Small Cheese Cubes

olive amp cheese animals create animal shapes using olives and small cheese cubes

Use olives and cheese to form fun animal shapes as a playful addition to your Noah’s Ark snack spread. These olive and cheese animals add a whimsical touch to the snack table.

Animal Trail Mix: Mix Assorted Nuts, Raisins, and Animal-shaped Chocolates

animal trail mix mix assorted nuts raisins and animal shaped chocolates

For a fun and delicious snack that fits the Noah’s Ark theme, consider serving an Animal Trail Mix. This mix combines nuts, raisins, and animal-shaped chocolates for a tasty and entertaining treat for your guests.

Pudding Ark: Layered Chocolate Pudding With a Graham Cracker Ark On Top

pudding ark layered chocolate pudding with a graham cracker ark on top

Indulge in a delicious treat with a creative twist by serving layered chocolate pudding with a graham cracker ark on top. This dessert idea adds a fun and festive touch to your Noah’s Ark themed snacks.

Dove Cupcakes: White Frosted Cupcakes Topped With a Dove-shaped Cookie

dove cupcakes white frosted cupcakes topped with a dove shaped cookie

Dove Cupcakes add a whimsical touch to your Noah’s Ark snack spread. These cupcakes feature a charming dove-shaped cookie on top.

Animal Print Wraps: Tortillas With Various Fillings and Animal Print Designs

animal print wraps tortillas with various fillings and animal print designs

Create fun animal print designs on tortilla wraps filled with delicious ingredients for a playful and appetizing snack. These wraps add a touch of creativity to the Noah’s Ark snack spread, appealing to both kids and adults alike with their whimsical appearance.

Rainbow Veggie Platter: Arrange Sliced Vegetables in the Colors of the Rainbow

rainbow veggie platter arrange sliced vegetables in the colors of the rainbow

Create a visually appealing platter using vegetables representing the colors of the rainbow. Each color represents a different nutrient and adds a fun and healthy twist to the snack offerings.

Pair of Jello Cups: Pair Different Flavored Jello Cups As Animal Pairs

pair of jello cups pair different flavored jello cups as animal pairs

Create a fun and interactive snack by pairing different flavored Jello cups to represent animal pairs. This idea adds a playful touch to the Noah’s Ark-themed snacks, delighting both kids and adults.

Marshmallow Creatures: Use Marshmallows and Pretzel Sticks to Create Animals

marshmallow creatures use marshmallows and pretzel sticks to create animals

Create fun animal shapes by combining marshmallows and pretzel sticks for a delightful snack. Kids and adults alike will enjoy making and eating these cute and tasty treats.

Animal Pasta Salad: Use Pasta in Animal Shapes, Tossed With Veggies and Dressing

animal pasta salad use pasta in animal shapes tossed with veggies and dressing

The Animal Pasta Salad is a fun and colorful dish using pasta shaped like animals, mixed with fresh vegetables and a flavorful dressing. It adds a playful touch to the snack spread and is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Noah’s Smoothie Boat: Serve Smoothies in Hollowed-out Melon ‘arks’

noahs smoothie boat serve smoothies in hollowed out melon arks

Serve smoothies in hollowed-out melon ‘arks’ to add a creative touch to the snack selection. This fun presentation will impress guests and tie into the Noah’s Ark theme perfectly.

Raindrop Blueberries: Serve Fresh Blueberries As Edible Raindrops On a Platter

raindrop blueberries serve fresh blueberries as edible raindrops on a platter

Blueberries served as edible raindrops add a fun touch to your Noah’s Ark snack spread. They bring a pop of color and a burst of freshness to the platter.

Flood Waters Gelatin: Blue Gelatin With Floating Gummy Sea Creatures

flood waters gelatin blue gelatin with floating gummy sea creatures

Create a visually appealing snack with blue gelatin and gummy sea creatures, perfect for adding a fun touch to your Noah’s Ark-themed spread. The gelatin represents flood waters, adding a playful element to your snack presentation that kids will love.