15 Tasty Ideas for What to Put on Crackers

Get ready to discover delightful and tasty toppings for your crackers!

Let’s face it, we’ve all slapped a piece of cheese on a cracker and called it a day.

But why stop there?

I’ve scoured endless lists and experimented in my own kitchen, driven by one mission: finding fresh, unique toppings for our trusty crackers.

Get ready to turn your snack time into an adventure with these quirky and delightful ideas.

Grab your crackers, it’s time to spread the fun!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

smoked salmon and cream cheese

Smoked salmon and cream cheese are a classic pairing for crackers, offering a luxurious blend of creamy and savory flavors. The combination of rich cream cheese and delicate smoked salmon is a sophisticated choice for a delicious snack.

Fig Jam and Goat Cheese

fig jam and goat cheese

Fig jam and goat cheese create a flavorful and delightful combination. The sweet jam perfectly complements the tangy goat cheese.

Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes

avocado and cherry tomatoes

Avocado and cherry tomatoes make a fresh and tasty topping for crackers. The creamy avocado pairs perfectly with the juicy burst of flavor from the cherry tomatoes.

Hummus and Roasted Red Peppers

hummus and roasted red peppers

Hummus and roasted red peppers make a perfect flavor combo for your crackers. The creamy hummus paired with the smoky sweetness of roasted red peppers adds a delightful twist to your snack.

Brie and Apple Slices

brie and apple slices

Pairing brie with apple slices creates a delightful flavor combination on crackers. The creamy brie complements the crisp and slightly sweet apple perfectly.

Mascarpone and Honey

mascarpone and honey

Mascarpone and honey on crackers offer a delightful mix of creamy and sweet flavors. The combination is a perfect blend of richness and lightness that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Peanut Butter and Banana

peanut butter and banana

A delightful combination of flavors that provides a creamy and sweet taste on a cracker. The nutty spread complements the fruity slices in a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

Blue Cheese and Walnut

blue cheese and walnut

Blue cheese pairs perfectly with the crunch of walnuts, creating a savory and nutty flavor combination on crackers. The creamy and tangy blue cheese complements the earthy and rich taste of walnuts, making it a delicious topping for a quick and satisfying snack.

Prosciutto and Melon

prosciutto and melon

Prosciutto and melon pair beautifully on crackers, offering a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors. The saltiness of the prosciutto complements the juicy sweetness of the melon, creating a delightful snack.

Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

cottage cheese and pineapple

Cottage cheese and pineapple are a delightful combination for a sweet and savory topping on crackers. The creamy texture of the cottage cheese pairs perfectly with the juicy sweetness of the pineapple.

Pesto and Sun-dried Tomatoes

pesto and sun dried tomatoes

Pesto and sun-dried tomatoes create a flavorful combination on crackers. The bold taste of pesto blends perfectly with the sweetness of sun-dried tomatoes.

Ricotta and Strawberries

ricotta and strawberries

Ricotta and strawberries add a creamy and sweet twist to your crackers. The combination of smooth ricotta and juicy strawberries creates a delicious and refreshing snack.

Tzatziki and Cucumber

tzatziki and cucumber

Tzatziki and cucumber on crackers create a refreshing Mediterranean flavor combination. The creamy tzatziki paired with the crisp cucumber slices adds a burst of flavor to your snack.

Sliced Hard-boiled Egg and Chives

sliced hard boiled egg and chives

Sliced hard-boiled egg and chives on crackers provide a delightful combination of flavors and textures. They offer a savory and satisfying snack option for a quick and tasty treat.

Spinach Dip and Bacon Bits

spinach dip and bacon bits

Pairing creamy spinach dip with crispy bacon bits creates a savory and indulgent topping for crackers. The combination offers a perfect balance of flavors and textures for a delicious snack.