15 High Calorie Snacks for Ultimate Energy Boost

Discover satisfying high-calorie snack ideas to fuel your day with delicious energy boosts.

Looking for high-calorie snacks that won’t make you yawn from boredom? You’ve come to the right place!

Let’s ditch the same-old peanut butter and cheese and dive into some truly unique ideas.

Prepare to snack creatively, boost those calories, and maybe even chuckle a bit. Ready to crunch on new horizons? Let’s go!

Nut Butter Stuffed Dates

nut butter stuffed dates

Nut butter stuffed dates are a delicious high-calorie snack that combines the natural sweetness of dates with the creaminess of nut butter, making them a satisfying treat. This snack is perfect for boosting energy levels and keeping hunger at bay between meals.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

avocado chocolate mousse

Avocado chocolate mousse is a decadent high calorie snack that combines the creaminess of avocado with the richness of dark chocolate. It’s a delicious way to indulge in a sweet treat while sneaking in some healthy fats.

Cheese and Salami Roll-ups

cheese and salami roll ups

Cheese and salami roll-ups offer a satisfying combination of protein and flavor. They provide a convenient and tasty high-calorie snack option.

Almond Butter and Banana Toast

almond butter and banana toast

Almond butter and banana toast is a perfect combination of protein, healthy fats, and natural sweetness in a high-calorie snack. It provides a satisfying and delicious energy boost, ideal for a quick and tasty treat.

Mini Avocado Sandwiches

mini avocado sandwiches

Mini avocado sandwiches are a delicious and high-calorie snack choice that combines creamy avocado with crunchy toast. They are perfect for satisfying your hunger and providing a boost of energy during the day.

Greek Yogurt With Honey and Nuts

greek yogurt with honey and nuts

Think of Greek yogurt with honey and nuts as a tasty and high-calorie snack option that provides a good balance of protein and healthy fats. This snack is perfect for satisfying cravings and keeping you full for a longer period of time.

Coconut Oil Popcorn

coconut oil popcorn

Coconut oil popcorn is a tasty high-calorie snack that provides a satisfying crunch. It offers a flavorful twist to traditional popcorn, making it a delicious and indulgent treat.

Granola Bars Dipped in Dark Chocolate

granola bars dipped in dark chocolate

Indulge in a satisfying and high-calorie snack with granola bars dipped in rich dark chocolate. Enjoy the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy flavors in each bite.

Trail Mix With Dried Fruits and Nuts

trail mix with dried fruits and nuts

Trail mix with dried fruits and nuts is a satisfying snack packed with energy from the natural sugars in the fruits and the healthy fats in the nuts. It’s a convenient and portable option for those looking for a nutrient-dense and high-calorie snack on the go.

Energy Balls With Oats, Nuts, and Honey

energy balls with oats nuts and honey

Energy balls with oats, nuts, and honey are a tasty and high-calorie snack perfect for a quick boost of energy. Packed with nutritious ingredients, they are a convenient and satisfying treat to keep you going throughout the day.

Pancake Roll-ups With Nutella

pancake roll ups with nutella

Pancake roll-ups with Nutella offer a delightful twist on traditional pancakes, making them a decadent and high-calorie snack perfect for indulging. The combination of fluffy pancakes and rich Nutella provides a satisfying treat for those craving a sweet and filling snack.

Full-fat Yogurt With Granola and Berries

full fat yogurt with granola and berries

Full-fat yogurt with granola and berries is a delicious high-calorie snack packed with protein and fiber. It provides a satisfying and nutritious option to boost your energy levels and keep you full longer.

Pita With Hummus and Olives

pita with hummus and olives

Enjoy a flavorful and satisfying snack with pita bread topped with creamy hummus and savory olives. This combination provides a delicious and high-calorie treat perfect for satisfying cravings.

Bacon-wrapped Mozzarella Sticks

bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks

Bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks offer a tantalizing blend of crispy bacon and gooey cheese for a high-calorie snack that satisfies cravings. The rich flavors of bacon and melted mozzarella make this savory treat a delightful indulgence for snack time.

Cottage Cheese With Pineapple Chunks

cottage cheese with pineapple chunks

Enjoy the creamy texture of cottage cheese paired with the sweetness of pineapple chunks for a satisfying high-calorie snack. This combination provides a balance of protein and natural sugars, making it a delicious and nutritious option.