15 Easter Snacks: Fresh Ideas for Festive Treats

Discover creative and delightful snack ideas perfect for Easter celebrations.

Bunny-shaped Mini Sandwiches

bunny shaped mini sandwiches

These delightful sandwiches are cut into adorable bunny shapes, perfect for captivating both kids and adults at your Easter gathering. Using simple cookie cutters, transform any sandwich—from classic PB&J to sophisticated cucumber and cream cheese—into festive Easter fare.

Carrot Cake Balls

carrot cake balls

Carrot cake balls are a delightful bite-sized treat that encapsulate the rich flavors of a traditional carrot cake, complete with cream cheese frosting. These festive snacks are rolled in desiccated coconut or crushed nuts, providing a crunchy texture that complements their moist, spiced interior.

Deviled Eggs With Paprika Chicks

deviled eggs with paprika chicks

Deviled eggs with paprika chicks add a whimsical touch to your Easter snack table. The sprinkle of paprika not only enhances flavor but creates a festive chick-like appearance atop the creamy yolk filling.

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

easter egg fruit pizza

This colorful treat layers fresh, sliced fruits on a large, cookie crust base, mimicking the look of a festive Easter egg. It’s not only visually appealing but also offers a refreshing, lighter option amongst the traditional sweets.

Peeps S’mores Dip

peeps smores dip

Peeps s’mores dip combines colorful marshmallow Peeps with chocolate and graham crackers, baked until gooey. This playful twist on traditional s’mores offers a vibrant and tasty addition to any Easter gathering.

Bunny Tail Popcorn Mix

bunny tail popcorn mix

Bunny tail popcorn mix combines fluffy white popcorn with a hint of sweetness, resembling adorable bunny tails. It’s a playful, easy-to-make treat that adds fun and festivity to your Easter snack table.

Spring Veggie Platter With Hummus

spring veggie platter with hummus

A vibrant display of sliced vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers arranged creatively around a bowl of creamy hummus. This platter adds a healthy and colorful option to the Easter snack table.

Chocolate-covered Strawberry Carrots

chocolate covered strawberry carrots

These treats mimic the look of carrots using orange-colored chocolate to dip fresh strawberries. They add a playful and vibrant touch to the Easter snack spread.

Mini Hot Cross Buns

mini hot cross buns

Mini hot cross buns offer a bite-sized version of the traditional Easter treat, complete with the iconic cross on top. Their small size makes them perfect for sharing at gatherings, allowing everyone to enjoy a sweet, spiced piece of the holiday.

Lamb-shaped Rice Krispie Treats

lamb shaped rice krispie treats

These treats are a delightful twist on the classic Rice Krispie squares, shaped into adorable lambs using marshmallows and pretzels for added texture and cuteness. They add a playful and thematic touch to your Easter snack spread, charming both children and adults alike.

Marshmallow Nests With Jelly Beans

marshmallow nests with jelly beans

Marshmallow nests are a whimsical treat, featuring marshmallows shaped into nest forms and filled with colorful jelly beans. This snack serves both as a playful decoration and a sweet indulgence perfect for the Easter table.

Pretzel Chicks (dipped in Yellow Chocolate)

These adorable treats bring a splash of color and whimsy to your Easter snack table. Yellow chocolate-dipped pretzels are decorated to resemble chicks, perfect for festive, fun snacking.

Cucumber Egg Salad Canapés

cucumber egg salad canapes

Cucumber egg salad canapés are a refreshing and elegant addition to any Easter snack table. Their crispness complements the creamy egg salad, making them a delightful bite-sized treat for spring gatherings.

Cross-shaped Pretzel Bites

cross shaped pretzel bites

Cross-shaped pretzel bites offer a thematic nod to both the religious and cultural aspects of Easter. They provide a savory option amidst a spread typically dominated by sweet treats.

Bunny Paw Cookies

bunny paw cookies

These adorable treats feature a paw print design made with chocolates, capturing the festive spirit of Easter. Perfect for a themed snack, they’re sure to be a hit with both kids and adults at any Easter gathering.